Ben Dahrooge

Computer Science Student


Professional M.S. Computer Science & Cybersecurity, University of Rhode Island

September 2022 — May 2023

Awarded an SFS Cybercorps Scholarship, selected by a faculty committee

Computer Science B.S., University of Rhode Island

September 2018 — May 2022

Cummlative GPA: 3.57/4.0  •  In-major GPA: 3.8/4.0

Relevant Coursework: Data Structures and Abstractions, Cybersecurity Fundamentals, Software Engineering, Computer Forensics, Operating Systems and Networks, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems & Networks, Computer Organization (in progress), Network and Systems Security (in progress)


Languages: Intermediate: JavaScript/TypeScript, C++, HTML/CSS
Familiar: C, Rust, Python, PHP, SQL

Technologies: Intermediate: React, React Native, Next.js
Familiar: MongoDB, MariaDB/MySQL, WordPress, Docker, Git, Bash Scripting

Software: Visual Studio Code, Microsoft Office, Github, Wireshark, VMware

Interests: Cybersecurity, Web applications, IoT, Networking


Off-Campus Housing Database

A rental listing website that enables students to browse listings posted by local landlords and rental agencies. Modernized user interface and added features to a legacy in-house application.

Technologies: PHP, SQL.

Ultimate Tic Tac Toe (iOS App)

A strategic variant to the classic game of Tic Tac Toe. Written in React Native and compiled for iOS.

Technologies: TypeScript, React Native.

Covid-19 Case Updates SMS

SMS service that sends a summary alert when University of Rhode Island Health Services updates their Covid-19 dashboard.

Technologies: ExpressJS, Google App Engine.

Snack Suggestion Alexa Skill

An Alexa Skill that provides Ideas for snacks. Built for the Ram Hacks Alexa Skill Initiative in Fall 2018.

Technologies: Alexa JavaScript SDK, AWS Lambda.

Work Experience

Teaching Assistant, Computer Science Department, University of Rhode Island

Sept 2019 — Present

Lead Teaching Assistant for CSC 106, an introductory computer science and general education course.

  • Coordinating a team of 8 teaching assistants, supporting 100-150 students per semester
  • Increased grading efficiency by developing and implementing a JavaScript auto-grader

Software Engineering Intern, Walmart Inc., Bentonville AR

Summer 2021

Software intern for in-house supply chain software for perishable & perpetual inventory management

  • Wireframed, programmed, and wrote unit tests for new internal React web application
  • Participated in daily stand-up status calls as a part of the company’s Agile workflow for technology teams
  • Learned how to utilize a variety of industry-standard & in-house software development packages and tools
  • Assisted internal support teams in setting up our team’s software in development environments and debugging client reported issues

Student Assistant, Dean of Students Office, University of Rhode Island

May 2019 — May 2021

Developed and maintained in-house software for use by the University and provided IT support to colleagues.

  • Increased site usability and web accessibility compliance by migrating several WordPress sites into a new university-wide WordPress theme
  • Modernized interface to university web-publishing guidelines and increased security by implementing LDAP authentication on an internal PHP web application, that students use to browse academic rental listings
  • Automated application software upgrades by implementing Continuous Deployment process (Github Actions)
  • Provided technical support to application users via email/telephone


Ram Hacks - Computer Science Intrest Group, University of Rhode Island

September 2018 — Present

  • Recruited new members by representing RAM Hacks at the student club/organization fair
  • Led workshop for new CS students on using Git/Github and basic Unix Shell commands
  • Organized remote programming challenge tournaments during Covid-19
  • Created & currently manage organizations’ WordPress website (